Favourite books of Gina Homolka

Gina Homolka

Gina Homolka is a NYTimes Best Selling Author of The Skinnytaste Coobook. Photographer and recipe developer for http://skinnytaste.com

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Favorite books of Gina Homolka:

The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

Gina Homolka recommends The Glass Castle

I couldn't put this book down. Written so well, a memoir about the crazy life of Jeanette Walls growing up with extremely liberal, quirky parents. It's a story about survival – a must read!

The child of an alcoholic father and an eccentric artist mother discusses her family's nomadic upbringing, during which she and her siblings fended for themselves while their parents outmaneuvered bill collectors and the authorities.

Write It Down, Make It Happen by Henriette Anne Klauser

Gina Homolka recommends Write It Down, Make It Happen

Her concept of writing down your goals and dreams is so simple and yet very effective!

Too often, people drift through life with a feeling of frustration, longing to find some adventure or purpose in life, envious of those whose lives seem exciting. In WRITE IT DOWN, MAKE IT HAPPEN, Henriette Anne Klauser shows you how to write your own lifescript. Simply writing down your goals in life is the first step towards achieving them. The 'writing it down' part is not about time management; it is not a 'to-do today' list that will make you feel guilty if you don't get everything done. Rather, writing it down is about clearing your head, identifying what you want and setting your intent. You can 'make it happen' purely by believing in the possibility. In WRITE IT DOWN, MAKE IT HAPPEN, there are stories from ordinary people who witnessed miracles large and small unfold in their lives after they performed the basic act of putting their goals on paper.

An inspiring book written with humor, honesty and encouragement and a reminder to live life to the fullest!

A compelling story of everyday courage (Elizabeth Gilbert). Patty Chang Anker grew up eager to please and afraid to fail. But after thirty-nine years, she decided it was time to stop being a chicken. Motivated initially to become a better role model for her two young daughters, she vowed to master the fears that were choking the fun and spontaneity out of life. She learned to dive into a swimming pool, ride a bike, do a handstand, and surf. As she shared her experiences, she discovered that most people suffer from their own secret terrorsof flying, driving, heights, public speaking, and more. It became her mission to help others do what they thought they couldnt and to experience the joy and aliveness that is the true reward of becoming brave. Inspired and inspiring, this book draws on Ankers interviews with teachers, therapists, coaches, and clergy to convey both practical advice and profound wisdom. Through her own journey and the stories of others, she conveys with grace and infectious exhilaration the most vital lesson of all: Fear isnt the end point to life, but the point of entry.

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